About Us

We are Melchers Components
a business unit of  Melchers Techimport GmbH

Melchers Techimport GmbH is a subsidiary of  C. Melchers & Co. GmbH and was founded 1995 to bundle the sourcing activates of the Melchers group. Today Mechers Techimport GmbH is mainly divided in two Business Units, Melchers Components and Melchers Floor Systems (MelBo). 

Headquartered in Bremen, C. Melchers & Co. GmbH has been a private, owner-managed partnership since 1806. Thanks to our strong capital base, we are able to do business freely and independently on the international markets. 
Melchers is an international group of companies which has been growing in step with market requirements for over two centuries. More than 50 companies worldwide now belong to our group. They operate independently – either as branches or agencies – in a broad range of sectors and with widely varying core competencies.

The History of the Melchers Group

The picture on the left shows the 2nd Hongkong
Contor of Melchers

Establishment of the company in Bremen.
Complete timeline of the Melchers Group History
First branch in Asia

In the 1860s, C. Melchers & Co. becomes established in Asia and engages in trade with China with great success. Thus, in 1866, the first Asian branch is opened in Hong Kong. Trading is now concentrated on China and the company abandons its shipping business.

Establishment of Melchers Techimport GmbH
Melchers established Melchers Techimport GmbH, in to consolidate the sourcing activities.

Establishment of Melchers Floor Systems
Forming of the business Unit Melchers Floor Systems at Melchers Techimport GmbH

Establishment of Melchers Components
Forming of the business Unit Melchers Components at Melchers Techimport GmbH

 Our Philosophy


We practice a culture of openness, characterized by honesty and respect – our aim is solid working relationships based on mutual trust and flat hierarchies.


We want to play a part in shaping the future. Besides entrepreneurial know-how, we have the necessary determination and perseverance.


We share responsibility for the success of our clients and business partners. We therefore proceed carefully, conscientiously and with a strong sense of our own responsibilities.


Loyalty and reliability are the cornerstones of our philosophy as a company. Our support for clients and partners remains strong even if they encounter difficult times.

Meet the Team

Marc Friedrich

Managing Partner

Marc supports the team with his experience in international business in the context of leadership and advisory skills - so that the team is focusing on the right tasks at hand.

Philipp Montini

Business Unit Manager Europe

Philipp is responsible for our business development in Europe. He is also coordinating sales / marketing department, customer / partner management, supply-chain management and finance.

  Philipp.Montini (at)  melchers.de

Moritz Koehler

Business Unit Manager Asia

Moritz is responsible for our business development in Asia. He is also in charge for the procurement / production department, supplier management, quality management and IT.

    Moritz.Koehler (at)  melchers.com.cn

Bianca Pajer

Lead Procurement & Operations

Bianca is an all-rounder. She manages our existing customers, order operations, merchandise management, she supports finance and coordinates the logistics to the customer site.

  Bianca.Pajer (at)  melchers.de


George Wang

Technical Manager

George is an engineer an our lead technical manager in Shanghai. He is responsible to overcome the technical boundaries between Europe and Asia, he is also approving the quality procedures and solves feasibility issues on the production site.

Luggi Lampe

Junior Project Manager

Luggi focuses on generating new leads. He is involved from the first customer contact till the successful delivery of the product. Luggi is your contact for your project inquiry.

  Luggi.Lampe (at)  melchers.de