Why Us?!

Empowering SMEs to procure like MNCs

We empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to leverage the advantages of international sourcing, without the need to establish your own international sourcing infrastructure. Procure like multi-national cooperations (MNCs), without any overhead. 

We are your full-service key solution provider

We are sourcing technical components and assembly groups, support you with technical know-how and guide the process until the parts reach your doorstep. We help you reduce cost, while assuring quality and maintaining a resilient supply chain. 

We coordinate the production, assure the quality on side, arrange the transport including all import handling and store the products in our German warehouse, ready for your demand. From there we will transport all over Europe (and further) according to your preferred delivery slot. We are flexible to meet your logistic demands.
A team of engineers and quality expert are involved from the initial inquiry to the final delivery, assuring quality meets your expectation.
Safety stocks and frame contracts are just some of our tools we use to assure price stability and availability. Assuring continuity in the supply chain is our highest Priority.

                      Focusing on each individual customer and industry

                      Our customers are from various different industries. Each industry has their special requirements and workflows. We are focusing on each individual customer and tailor solutions according to your industry needs. Industries we serve:

                      Air solutions

                      Heat exchanger

                      Manufacturer for special fittings

                      Train parts

                      Construction industry 

                      Industrial kitchens

                      Garden house & sauna

                      DIY products for retail

                      Tap into the global sourcing market - without being exposed to the risks

                      Upsides without downsides! When working with us you tap into the competitive global sourcing market, without being exposed to the risks. We are your legal contract partner in Germany and absorb as well as manage the following risks for them:


                      Unenforceable contracts with  suppliers (e.g. penalties)


                      (Downs) payments to overseas suppliers


                      Currency fluctuation risks

                      Supply risks

                      Delivery interruptions and delays


                      Quality issues, due to lack of onside quality assurance

                      Molds & IP

                      You own the molds and your IP

                       Our suppliers are carefully selected

                      Our Suppliers are carefully selected and continuously audited. In Asia relationships are often more important than contracts, therefore we maintain a good relationship with our suppliers and with some we already work together more than 20 years.
                      Our offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian are closely monitoring our suppliers and assure all aspects of production on side.

                       Our planet matters

                      We care about the social and ecological impact of our actions. Being part of the global supply chain, we acknowledge our responsibility to hand over a “livable” planet to the next generation. Subsequently, we assure the compliance with international social and ecological standards of our suppliers. Being part of the change, the Melchers group is member of the amfori BSCI initiative.